Pack on those slabs of muscle


Pack on those slabs of muscle.

This is a body sculpting, defining aesthetic collection.

The Lean Muscle Collection combines three unique products so you can enhance muscular function to improve physical performance and well-being, yet have more energy to power through those tough workouts and busy days.

The Lean Muscle Collection is essential for anyone looking to gain lean muscle and feel strong all year round! The Collection contains a revolutionary unique blend of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts sourced from around the world.



Our Lean Muscle Collection is packed with premium quality ingredients to help you gain lean muscle and lose body fat as fast as possible. The plant extracts and other nutrients vital for joint health assists to gain lean muscle and improve your physical performance.

Our delicious in-house flavours will help you maximize your efforts in the gym and recover from your workouts.

Let this product give you that perfectly sculpted body you want and deserve.