Payment invoice here

If you are here you want to send your client an invoice that have a payment button on it. This means your client can just look at the order and pay it from the invoice. We then know payment was made and can then send the products.

Things to remember:

  1. The first mail on the order form is your mail address. We send you a copy of the order.
  2. Please take time and be precise. We cannot phone all the consultants to confirm the detail and payments on the form.
  3. Two consultants can be part of a transaction and the commission split will be 50/50.
  4. Nico will send out the invoices to clients on mail. You can add the invoice to Whats app also for payment.It is a link.
  5. When the amount is paid Ryan will send the products to the clients.
  6. Delivery cost R100.
  7. If there is any problem followup with Sonja or Ryan. Numbers on the initial order.
  8. Followup with your client and make sure they are happy.

This will enable you to constantly do more and more business.

The method to use:

  1. Call your client on whats-app face to face or "Houseparty" for free and encourage them in this time.
  2. Part of your meeting must be to build up their immune system. We have the best products for doing this.
  3. If your client want to order - discuss with him exactly what products he want and the price for the products.
  4. If you conclude the meeting reiterate safety of the products ,his information with the payment system PayFast and his detail like his delivery address.
  5. Promise delivery as soon as possible and keep him up to date.
  6. Do not promise or sell products we do not have.
  7. Make sure you show if another consultant is also involved.(Com split-50/50)
  8. The consultant that take the lead on the client must fill in his mail address on top because he will be informed . He must inform his partner consultant.
  9. Send the order form.
  10. Nico will send to the client the invoice and on it the payment button.
  11. The client will pay from the mail and we will know immediately.
  12. Delivery can be send to the client.
  13. Delivery to be confirmed by the consultant with the client.