JVL stands for “just victorious living” which in essence encompasses the mantra of our company which was founded almost twenty years ago.

JVL’s core belief, is that physical health will flow through and lead to financial wealth, spiritual health and so much more it’s not just about training hard, eating right or using the right supplementation – it’s about even more than that, and JVL has been at the forefront of bringing athletes, corporate individuals, housewives and just the entire family closer to their wellness goals.

JVL is a holistic lifestyle brand with a difference. The advice gained from a professional athletes’ perspective is part of the JVL gift we off er our JVL tribe members. We refer to our clients as our tribe. You need a tribe surrounding you to achieve greatness and we, at JVL, live for creating exactly that. A close nit service and offering with a difference to each client.

With in-house advice and regulation of our clients’ progress, JVL is a leader in this Industry. Advice that has been proven to sculpt results for everyone from pregnant ladies, fitness gurus or corporate individuals, you will be sure to find the products and specialist advice to suit your need. We have maintained financial strength over the past 20 years and we have grown exponentially over this time. Our experience shows in the services we off er our customers. Our customers become clients for life and eventually, this flows through into their families. From there the “tribe-concept”.

JVL is set apart from the rest due to our unique 4 pillar wayfinding system to help you achieve your goal and the fact that advice from a professional athlete’s perspective can be gained. JVL places its focus on the corporate wellness individual and family health. With in-house advice and regulation of our client’s progress, JVL is a leader in this industry.
Our advice has proven to sculpt results and everyone from pregnant ladies, fitness gurus, corporate individuals or even the normal gym goer will be sure to find the advice they have been looking for at their nearest JVL retail outlet or right here on our online platform.  
Jacques, the CEO and President of JVL, has been actively involved in the JVL retain outlets since 1999 and his passion for wellness is undoubtable.
Getting into the ultimate shape is not just a goal but a lifestyle at JVL. Let us assist you in reaching your wellness success because with us you will not be allowed to settle for anything less than your ultimate best.
The brand vision speaks of the heart of JVL – “always finish first and never settle!”
The Retail Outlets Specialize in:
Nutrition advice and plans, training advice and plans, pregnancy wellness guidance and products, supplementation schedules and products, tanning and anti-ageing products and related sports apparel.



JVL's concept is based on a four-pillar system, each of our Collections have products that contribute towards the four pillars.