Pro-Active Collagen

R 949

Flavours – Strawberry & Lemon

What is Collagen Pro-Active?
Collagen Pro-active is a unique dietary supplement of a premium Hydrolyzed Collagen, rich in specific amino acids that are easily absorbed by the human body.
• For women & men
• Hydrolyzed Collagen (Type II) of high quality, enhanced with Vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6 & Magnesium
• With a very high percentage of oral absorption (more than 90%¹,²)
• Available in two delicious flavours: Strawberry & Lemon
• Fat-free
• Up to date, no known contraindications or side effects
Daily use of Collagen Pro-active is clinically proven to reveal your younger self!

What is Collagen?
Collagen is a key component of the basic structures of the human body and the connective tissue. It is an abundant protein of the body, accounting for about 30% of total body protein and 75% of the protein that makes up skin. As a result, collagen is the main constituent of our skin.
Collagen plays a leading role in all body functions since it is responsible for:
• The outer body (skin and hair)
• The flexibility & mobility of the body’s structural components (cartilages & joints)
• The smooth functioning of internal organs
• The maintenance of good form for blood vessels and bone density

Collagen Pro-active’s benefits for Wellness:
For Joints
Collagen Pro-Active is a unique dietary supplement enriched with magnesium, and a vitamin B complex that helps individuals who suffer from joint pain.
• Provides a powerful antioxidant action (19)
• Activates energy production in the organism through
• Magnesium and Vitamins B5, B2, B6 & B1
• Contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue through Magnesium and Vitamins B5, B2 & B6
• Contributes to decrease joint rigidity and mobility pain (3)
• Contributes to increase the articular cartilage thickness of joints (4)
• Contributes to increase the cartilage mass (4)
• Contributes to the normal function of bones through development and growth (11)
• Assists in the improvement of Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis (10)(11)(12)(17)
• Promotes a normal function of the cardiovascular & nervous system through Magnesium and Vitamins B2, B6 & B1
• Affect the size of the collagen fibrils in the tendon & may improve the mechanical properties of the tendon (9)
• Contributes to normal psychological function & mental performance, while providing “anti-stress” properties through Vitamin B1
• Maintains strong teeth and gums through Magnesium
Collagen Pro-active’s benefits in Beauty:
For Hair
Collagen Pro-active provides benefits for the hair as well. It is clinically proven that the hydrolyzed collagen in Collagen Pro-active enhances hair strength and appearance.
For Skin
Collagen Pro-Active increases the density of the fibers and fibroblasts, which are the principal cells of the skin and are responsible for the production of collagen. Collagen Pro-Active once absorbed by the small intestine is distributed from the arteries to the deepest layer of the skin, leading to fibroblast proliferation and increased collagen production. With daily use of Collagen Pro-Active, the skin becomes more hydrated.
• Enhances skin beauty
• Contributes to the maintenance of normal skin tonicity
• Contributes to the maintenance of skin elasticity & hydration (6)
• May help to fight against the visible signs of skin aging
• Contribute to the stimulatory effect of the Collagen biosynthesis in the body tissue (13)
• May function as a stimuli for fibroblasts to effect repair of damaged tissue (8)
• Improves skin’s dryness (5)
• Enhances hair strength and appearance from 5% to 45% (7)
Collagen Pro-active’s benefits in Sport:
For Sport
Collagen is an excellent form of protein as it contains 8 out of the 9 basic amino acids. Intense exercise destroys protein in the body making their replacement very important. Collagen Pro-Active also contains glycine and arginine that play an important role during exercise, providing energy to the body and thus improving athletic performance. In addition, hydrolyzed collagen contributes significantly to the rapid restoration of tissue, ligaments and cartilage, and muscle post injury.
• Contributes to the normal muscle function through maintenance and growth through Collagen Protein Magnesium
• Promotes much easier sport and recreational activity (3)
• Reduces the risk of joint & cartilage injury and supports recovery time after physical activity (4)
• Assists in the normal metabolism of fat and protein in the organism, while supporting active nutrition through Magnesium and Vitamins B5, B2, B6 & B1
• Maintains a healthy digestive tract (14)(15)(16)

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