JVL Sanitizer -kills 99.9% of virusses & Corona virus

R 95

Effective in sanitizing Corona Virus on all surfaces and hands.

  •  Kills Corona Virus on surfaces & hands.
  •  Kills 99.999925% of harmful pathogens
  •  100% Chlorine free
  • Kills bacteria, viruses and fungi in 30 seconds
  • Non-toxic chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly

Guaranteed results.

Sanitize has an efficacy rate of log 6.25 (log reduction count) which is currently the highest on the market, and has an oxidation reduction (ORP) level of above 950mV - 1000mV

Internationally recognized.

Sanitize is laboratory tested to comply with international standards.

Non-toxic .

The active ingredients in JVL SANITIZE are non-toxic. The individual active ingredients of Sanitize are approved as safe for human and animal consumption by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

No lag time.

Simply spray Sanitize onto the surface and leave to air dry. The disinfected area may be used after 30 seconds.No protective clothing is necessary when working with, with our sanitizer.

Did you know?

 That the ingredients with which Sanitize are made of was used when South Africans where fetched in Wang China a while ago. The best sanitizer at the best price.

JVL SANITIZE is incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide range of industries

  • Consumer chain – groceries stores, fresh fruit and vegetable stores, butcheries, takeaway outlets, restaurants, cafes, tuck shops, food trucks
  • For use on any surface, including, hands , walls, floors, cages, Animal housing facilities, equipment, tools, pots, cutlery, glasses, seed trays, pot plant holders, bells, light switches, handles, tables, counter tops, benches, chairs, shelves, trays, refrigerators, freezers, toilets, basins, baths, showers, taps.
    • Pharmaceutical Industry – raw materials, manufacturing, transport
    • Food Industry – agriculture, production, transport, manufacturing, animal feed, packing, warehousing, logistics, wholesale, retail and service outlets.
    • Cleaning Industry – all areas

    How does it work?

    You buy a concentrated jell which you use to make one liter (or more) of Sanitize. Fill your sprayer or bottle and there you have the best sanitizer in the business which is environmentally friendly but kills all known germs,viruses and pathogens,


    We have enough available for now and would recommend that you buy today and it will be delivered at your house within 1-5 days area dependent.

    How to use it?

    Spray until the surface is thoroughly wet.Do not rinse or wipe clean after application.Must be left to air dry


    • Handle with care
    • Not intended for internal use (ingestion)
    • Store in cool,dry place away from food and feed
    • Keep out of reach of children,animals.

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